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Topinabee Public Library


1877 - 1990

1877 - Indian River depot built
1878 - Vanderbilt acquires Michigan Central RR
1881 - Michigan Central RR reaches Mackinaw City/ Cheboygan depot Built
1882 - New Depots built in Topinabee, Grayling & Mackinaw City
1883 - The Northern Hayfever Assoc. establishes a resort in Topinabee
1887 - Grand Hotal opens on Mackinac Island (built by Michigan Central RR, GR&I RR and Cleveland Shipping
1896 - Mullett Lake Village depot built
1904 - Detroit and Mackinac RR reaches Cheboygan from Onaway
1911 - Cheif Wawatam railroad car ferry begins service across the straits
1916 - New Wolverine depot built
1926 - Michigan Central RR is leased To New York Central RR
1960 - The Northerner between Detroit and Mackinaw City is reduced to one trip each way Mon thur Fri and
            the Timberliner runs summer weekends only
1962 - New York Central RR eliminates all passenger trains on the Mackinac division and starts the Beeliner.
            The Timberliner continues for one more summer.
1963 - The Timberliner and Beeliner ends services in September
1968 - Penn Central RR takes over the line
1976 - Penn Central discontinues service and the State of Michigan leases the line to Detroit and Mackinac RR
1984 - The Chief Wawatam stops operating
1990 - Last train thru Topinabee (9-29) after the Proctor and Gamble plant closed in Cheboygan in March

The railroads were important to people in Northern Michigan because of the large amounts
of fish and ice which were shipped out of Mackinac City in the winter to Detroit. Lumbering
was also a large source of revenue for the railroads. The railroads promoted "Up North"
which encouraged passenger travel for decades.